Sydney Ka Huna Massage: Video courtesy of High Spirits Retreat

This beautiful form of Hawaiian bodywork is deeply relaxing – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Long rhythmic flowing strokes that vary in intensity, speed and pressure, are used from head to toe and back again, over and under the body.  It’s a very special and truly unique form of massage – there’s nothing else quite like it out there!  Lomi Lomi Heartworks style, Polynesian floor work (similar to Thai massage), Deep Opu and Pregnancy massage are also on offer and available to you.  With a special apparatus you can comfortably lie face down, and I've treated women as far as 41 weeks pregnant.  Acupressure points can even be used as a form of natural induction (see relaxing into labour massage below). 

happy client immediately post a massage - ka huna suitable for pregnancy and postpartum in Sydney with birth doula amanda

Both women and men are welcome, and I have been recommended by psychologists to help provide a safe space for their patients to feel and release tension or work through trauma.  100% extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil is used, as are essential oils to add to your experience.  You can come to my room in Bondi Junction, or a mobile service is offered to come to your home. 

It’s also the perfect gift for any occasion!  Gift vouchers are available.

Giving a Ka Huna massage - pregnancy and natural induction massage available with Essential Me

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Relaxing into labour: induction massage

This is a lovely way to relax and sink into the final weeks, days or hours of your pregnancy.  Focusing on love energy and connection to your body and baby, this massage style integrates Ka Huna principles and flow with pressing induction acupressure points.  Using essential oils known to help induce labour, you will feel luxuriously nurtured and supported, relaxed and energised, ready to birth and meet your baby.

pregnancy massage sydney ka huna due date induction massage relaxing into labour, doula in sydney birth and postpartum
I experienced a most beautiful and nurturing pregnancy massage with Amanda. You immediately feel comfortable and safe in Amanda’s presence, she opens up a very sacred space of healing for you to completely let go and relax. At 36 weeks pregnant I felt completely cared for and nurtured during the massage, which felt such a treat. I loved the energy and flow of the Ka Huna massage and I was able to connect deeply with my breath and baby, experiencing some beautiful visualisations of birth. Amanda is very gifted at what she does. This is not just a massage it is also a beautiful healing for the body, heart and mind. I left feeling deeply open and connected. Thank you Amanda, I’ll be back :) xxx
— Google review by Anna O'Keeffe, pregnancy ka huna massage client

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birth and postpartum doula amanda is also an amazing sydney ka huna massage therapist. It’s an amazingly relaxing style of bodywork and suitable for massage during pregnancy.

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